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Managers and Supporters Training

This page contains links to important documents to help anyone involved in training for Managers and Supporters, whether you are a Training Adviser or a learner. For more information about the scheme and what training is required, please follow the link to the main Scout Association website here.


As training is run at a regional level, we have provided a calendar showing all available courses in

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, below – it is your own  responsibility to book any courses that have been agreed with your TA, we have included instructions on how to do this for each County.

Bedfordshire  Cambridgeshire   Essex – coming soon   

Norfolk – coming soon   Suffolk

Please see below for an updated definition of terms:

Section leader: anyone working in a section

Manager: Group Scout Leader, District Commissioner, County Commissioner, County Training Manager, District Explorer Scout Commissioner etc.

Supporter: Assistant District Commissioner, Assistant County Commissioner, Youth Commissioner, District Scouter and County Scouter


Documents to support Training advisers for Managers and Supporters

This document contains links that you might find useful

If you would like to work with a hard copy of the PLP then please click on one of these links:

General template

Sample PLP for ADC

Sample PLP for GSL

If your learner requires a witness statement from their line manager then this document may help

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